Fee Structure

Clapham & Clapham Park Montessori

We offer the Nursery Education Grant, which provides 15 free hours of education to eligible 2-year olds and to all 3- and 4-year olds.

Eligible families can access the additional 15-hour entitlement, bringing the total of weekly funded hours to 30. 

Our flexible approach allows families to benefit from the funded hours, and to combine these with any additional non-funded hours that they may choose to take up.

Fees for non-funded children are equivalent to £27 per three-hour session.
Additional hours are charged at £9.00 per hour.

Illustrations for non-funded children:

£918.00 per term for 3 mornings per week

£1,224.00 per term for 4 mornings per week

£1,530.00 per term for 5 mornings per week

Extra Classes

£60.00 per term – average of 10 sessions per term

Further information on the additional hours and extra classes that we offer can be found on the Clapham Montessori and Clapham Park Montessori School pages.

Montessori Infant Community

£634.66 per term on average

depending on the length of each term

Equivalent to £28.00 per session.

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.

Dr Maria Montessori