Welcome to Clapham and Clapham Park Montessori & Infant Community

The Clapham and Clapham Park Montessori Schools and the Montessori Infant Community provide high standards of nursery education, for children aged 1 – 6, in engaging and well-equipped environments. According to Montessori principles, education should be an aid to life. Our environments aid the process of ‘self-construction’ that children are intensely engaged in during the first 6 years of life.

We offer the Nursery Education Grant, which provides 15 free hours of education to eligible 2-year olds and to all 3- and 4-year olds. 

Eligible families can access the additional 15-hour entitlement, bringing the total of weekly funded hours to 30.

Parent Talks / Open Evenings

We run termly Parent Talks on Zoom to introduce you to our facilities and a Montessori education for your children.

Montessori for Parents and Babies

We are delighted to announce our new venture, Montessori for Parents and Babies, commencing on Tuesday, 28th September 2021.

This group will take place weekly during term time and will be led by an AMI 0-3 trained directress, who will share information with you about how you can support your baby’s development both during the sessions and at home. Your baby will be able to explore a safe environment that has been carefully prepared to meet their developmental needs, whilst you observe them. This group will also provide a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded parents.

The Montessori for Parents and Babies sessions are suitable for babies from 2 months to 14/16 months (at which age they could join our Montessori Infant Community), accompanied by one parent or carer.


“The child is tangible proof of the possibility of a better humanity” – Dr Maria Montessori

What our parents say

I have visited many other nurseries locally and nothing remotely compares to Clapham Park Montessori. The staff are highly qualified and have a genuine love of their work and the children they care for.-
Clapham Montessori is a warm, wonderful, caring and fun place for children. We are very grateful for the great start that they have given our children.-
All the teachers clearly love what they do and very much make the wellbeing and learning experience of the children their priority. The teachers treat every child as an individual and give them the support they need to follow their own interests, to discover and learn at their own pace and to flourish.-
The nursery has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our children.-
My oldest daughter was in Clapham Park Montessori and it is a very special place. I cannot wait for my son to start. It is the most genuine environment I have ever seen and my children thrived there.-