Application Form

Application Form

Step 1: Please complete the form below.
Step 2: Then send a cheque for £25 (non-refundable administration fee) payable to Clapham Montessori or Clapham Park Montessori to: Clapham & Clapham Park Montessori, The Contact Centre, 60 Hambalt Road, London, SW4 9EA

Child's First Name

Child's Surname

Child's Gender

Child's Date of Birth

Name to be used at School

Name, Age & Gender of other children in the family

Please indicate relationship to child and * those with parental responsibility

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' names - 1

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' Home Phone - 1

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' Mobile - 1

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' Email - 1

Daytime/Work Address - 1

Daytime/Work Phone - 1

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' names - 2

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' Home Phone - 2

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' Mobile - 2

Parent(s)' / Guardian(s)' Email - 2

Daytime/Work Address - 2

Daytime/Work Phone - 2

Child's Home Address

Whom doe the child live with
Both ParentsMotherFatherGuardian

I would like my child to attend
Montessori Infant CommunityClapham Montessori (Mornings)Clapham Montessori (All Day)Clapham Park Montessori (Mornings)Clapham Park Montessori (All Day)

Preferred Days (for CM & CPM - minimum 3 days)

Any Other Info

We occasionally take photographs of our classrooms for use on our website. Please tick the box if you do NOT want your child to appear in any photography
I do NOT want my child photographed

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PDF Form Download

If you would prefer to print out the form, an Application & Enrolment Form in PDF format can be downloaded here >

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